Meet our Prayer Team


  Intercessory Prayer Leader

Kathleen Cox
Prayer Coordinator
People often ask me why do you think prayer is important?  
The simple answer to that question is because God tells us to, and he is listening. 
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Phillipians 4:6-7
Who wouldn’t want their hearts and minds guarded in Christ?  How do I know he is listening? When I was a young girl a friend of mine was in a accident.  When I heard about it I ran to my local Catholic Church to pray.  I prayed and bargained in my prayers for that girls life.  Like we all do at times.  “God if you will just save her I will do anything for you.  I will be yours, ”  while walking back from that church I heard God call my name audibly I look around and saw no one near who could of spoken to me.  I then begin to hear again this time from inside my heart . 
Kathleen and if she dies will you still be mine? “
 My heart melted  for two reasons that day.  1. God heard me!  2. I knew my friend was dead.   I surrendered my heart to the Lord that day.  Every since I can not doubt God hears our prayers.  Each and everyone of them.  Does he answer each prayer the way we want ? No, but he hears us.  So speak to your God as you speak to a friend and know if he heard a little girl of 11 he hears you. 
Later in my 20’s I was introduced to Intercessory prayer.  That is to intercede on behalf of a person a situation a city a country, I had found my calling. 

 Prayer Partners

Erica Bertram
Kathy Ewertz
Larry and Chris Vittum





One of most important thing we can do for you here at Journey Church is pray! If you need prayer please submit a prayer request!

Prayer report May 2019
Dear Congregation of Believers
What a amazing year in prayer!! We have seen how God’s hand has been evident in so many situations we cannot deny the power of prayer. During prayer and fasting we have seen a amazingly smooth transition in Pastoral leadership. We also sent 5 women to South Africa on a mission trip with prayer and fasting leading the way. They witnessed amazing restorations in people’s lives, healings and a miracle of food multiplication. Now we need to focus on the two ladies from our church heading to Mexico for a mission trip Meghan Loveless and Odessa Morris. Please join us, as we will pick a day to fast and pray for them in the month of June.
From miraculous healings to heavenly protections in dangerous situations and blessings upon so many, we are truly a blessed people.
This year we joined with other church congregations and started a weekly prayer group meeting in different churches along the I 70 Corridor. We have seen so many immediate answers to prayer in our community it is astonishing coming from this prayer group. One night we prayed that local drug dealers would be exposed and removed from our community then the next day there were several drug busts from Bennett to Byers.
This next year there will be a focus coming from the prayer ministry on learning a New Way to Pray. Instead of feeling stuck in a repetitive cycle of begging God to move in a situation; we will start off Praising Him and thanking him for fulfilling his word. God is always true to his word and as believers we can see this when we begin to pray and stand on his word.
I think more than ever this year I have seen the power of the prayer of agreement. When we all focus on lifting up and thanking God for doing his will in our lives such amazing things happen.
If you have a prayer request there are so many ways to share it for ladies we have the heart to heart prayer closet on Facebook. You can also drop a prayer request in the back of the church prayer box, call the church office or text/call me directly at 303 475 9068.
God bless you and keep your church leadership, board and pastors in Prayer before the heavenly throne of God.
In Acts 1:14 we read, “they all joined together constantly in prayer” and in 4:14, “they raised their voices together in prayer.” Together is a key that opens the door to the power of God. The King James in Acts 2:1 says, “with one accord.”
Kathleen Cox
Journey Church Prayer Coordinator