When was the last time you overcame adversity? When was the last time you stood back-to-back with a Brother in Christ to win the battle?
Pull up your boot straps, engage the fight, and win the battle!
Mens MBreahg

Ministry Report 2017

Journey Church Members,


     What a joy to see many of our men bind together, aligning with the purpose of God, to fulfill their call to lead their families, Church, and community. As I reflect on 2016 I remember it to be a year of building. When we think of sports teams who win a championship, more times than not, they return the next year with different players to begin a rebuilding season; partly because the “Stars” want bigger contracts. (Broncos?)

     Over 2016 Pastor Dusty and I began to think on a simplistic plain to reach the men of Journey Church. We need a time of fellowship, Bible study, and food. Therefore we created a monthly men’s rally. We join the first Saturday of every month at 8 am in the church fellowship hall. We have seen 20/25 men on a consistent basis attending our rally with each month growing. Currently journeymen are working through the “Stepping up” series with Dennis Rainey. Through our monthly men’s rally, men will hear about other events we will do in order to grow together as a body of men who care for one another.

     August 25, 26, & 27 of 2017 is slated for our Men’s Retreat. Pastor Steve Chavez, Senior Pastor of Pueblo Assembly of God is our speaker for the weekend. Pastor Steve is passionate about training and equipping men to accomplish their purpose for the Kingdom of Heaven.

     Proverbs 27.17 says; “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.” If you are a man or young man and have not connected to the men’s ministry, I would encourage each of you to make every effort to do so.


Together in the Harvest,

Pastor Chris/Pastor Dusty

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