When was the last time you overcame adversity? When was the last time you stood back-to-back with a Brother in Christ to win the battle?
Pull up your boot straps, engage the fight, and win the battle!

Ministry Report 2019

Men’s Ministry


     Hello Journey Church Family!  This past year has been pretty low profile for the men’s ministry.  We have been regrouping and are in the process of laying out our plans and vision for the coming months.   Along with supporting the other ministries, safety team, greeting and offering, youth fireworks stand, grounds work and repair, various men have been working behind the scenes serving Journey Church, our Community and God’s Kingdom.  We have had some wonderful fellowship with delicious homemade food at the men’s breakfast.  Thank you to the families that provided breakfast for the men!


     Last September several of us were blessed to attend the annual men’s retreat.  We had Frank Tittoni, author of “Gladiator School” as our speaker and teacher.   Also, last year we spent months going through the “Conqueror Series” that taught men how to recognize and battle pornography addictions.  We believe lives were changed with the journey through these studies! More men are overcoming this addiction even now. We are addressing real issues and have seen men overcoming struggles.


     We helped provide security for the fireworks tent, and raffled a Ruger SR1911 which drastically helped fund the ministry.


     As the weather improves, we are planning to host a couple of “grillers” that will include food, fellowship and firearms.  We are actively searching for service projects that we can do as a group.  We really look forward to engaging and mentoring with the young men in the youth group and in the community.

Thank you for your prayers for the men of our church family and the men of this community and coun